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The HARTING M12 5-pin L-coding achieves 0.75kW of power.

harting usa m12 power  l-codedThe new HARTING M12 Power offers solutions for high power applications while boasting the small footprint of an M12 connector. This is achieved by a standardization and new encoding, saving users space and interfaces. The resulting new IEC 61067-2-111 standard is the basis for future M12 Power connector solutions. The new, universal mating face with L-coding has also emerged from this adopted standard. At 63V/16A, the 5-pin L-coding achieves 0.75kW of power, making it ideal for small servo motors, field distribution boxes, field-bus-controlled I/O boxes, power supply devices and valve applications. The M12 L-coded is viewed as the future standard equipment connector and is expected to completely replace the application area of the existing M12 A-coded and 7/8” solutions.


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