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Applied Robotics MAGNUM grippers have a gripping force provided by two pistons that are driven pneumatically.

Applied Robotics magnum gripperApplied Robotics introduces its MAGNUM grippers, which are universally applicable “out-of-the-box”. The use of third-generation ZAYTRAN technology and the selection of super tough, corrosive resistant materials allow the grippers to efficiently serve day-to-day as well as tough, nearly impossible applications. The force and synchronizing double helix are independent systems. The double helix works only to center the part to ±0.025 mm (±0.0010”). All of the gripping force is provided by two pistons that are driven pneumatically. The independence of the force and synchronization systems provides precision over the typical 10,000,000+ cycle life of the unit. In non-abusive applications the technology may deliver 20,000,000 or more cycles. The magnum mechanism is double sealed to assure that the mechanism is isolated from the environment. There are two material versions of the gripper: The MAGNUM-AL and the MAGNUM-PET.




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