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Measuring Wheel

POSITAL spring-loaded system lets rotary encoders sense linear speed and position.

April 6, 2021   by DE Staff

POSITAL’s introduced a measuring wheel accessory for its IXARC family of rotary encoders that enables them to make accurate linear motions and position measurements. Measuring wheels are available in different sizes, with circumferences of 200mm, 500mm, or 12 inches. Four rim treatments are available: knurled aluminum, smooth polyurethane, and two tread patterns for the polyurethane tire. In addition, the company released a pivot arm mounting system for wheel-encoder that’s designed to minimize slippage by maintaining a steady contact pressure between the wheel and the moving surface. Spring tension can be adjusted for optimal contact pressure between the wheel and the moving surface. In addition, the position of the arm on the spring hub can be reversed, enabling the installer to change the direction of the spring load.

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