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MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers

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Silicon Designs Model 2210 series offers low-noise measurements on up to three orthogonal axes.

Silicon Designs, Inc. announced availability of stock quantities of its Model 2210 series of capacitive accelerometer modules. Offered in standard ranges from ±2g to ±400g, the series incorporates a MEMS capacitive accelerometer chip together with high-drive, low-impedance buffering. All Silicon Designs Model 2210 series modules generate two analog voltage outputs which vary in response to applied acceleration. Users can employ either a single-ended or differential output, the latter of which doubles accelerometer sensitivity. Output scale factor is independent from the supply voltage of +8 to +32V. At zero acceleration, differential output voltage is nominally 0 VDC; at full scale, it is ±4 VDC.


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