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MEMS Capacitive Accelerometers

Silicon Designs Model 2210 series offers low-noise measurements on up to three orthogonal axes.

September 8, 2021   by DE staff

Silicon Designs, Inc. announced availability of stock quantities of its Model 2210 series of capacitive accelerometer modules. Offered in standard ranges from ±2g to ±400g, the series incorporates a MEMS capacitive accelerometer chip together with high-drive, low-impedance buffering. All Silicon Designs Model 2210 series modules generate two analog voltage outputs which vary in response to applied acceleration. Users can employ either a single-ended or differential output, the latter of which doubles accelerometer sensitivity. Output scale factor is independent from the supply voltage of +8 to +32V. At zero acceleration, differential output voltage is nominally 0 VDC; at full scale, it is ±4 VDC.

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