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Mini quick-change pallet module


Metal Fabrication Schunk

SCHUNK's VERO-S NSE mini 90-25 offers a 90mm minimum clamping pin distance enabling small and variable gauges for workpiece or pallet clamping.

VERO-S NSE mini 90-25 compact quick-change pallet modulesSCHUNK introduces the VERO-S NSE mini 90-25 compact quick-change pallet modules with high pull-down forces, a high rigidity, and are completely sealed. This redesigned drive ensures a boost in the pull-down forces. With a modular diameter of 90 mm and a clamping pin diameter of only 20 mm, the VERO-S NSE mini 90-25 achieves a high-speed pull-down force of 6,000 N using the standard integrated turbo function, which is four times more powerful than the previous version. The holding force is 15,000 N (M6) or 25,000 N (M8) depending on the thread used. As the rigidity has also been increased in this new version, significantly higher tilting moments can be absorbed. The repeat accuracy amounts to < 0.005 mm. The module is self-retaining and form-fit clamping using a spring assembly. It does not consume any energy when actuated. Large contact surfaces between the clamping slide and pin minimize surface pressure in clamped position, thereby reducing wear on the module. The clamping state “open” can be queried using integrated clamping slide monitoring.


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