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Multi-material 3D printing device


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Palette+ is compatible with more material combinations, including PLA with a water-soluble, PLA with flexible TPU, and PETG with PETG. 

Mosaic Palette+Mosaic Manufacturing introduces the Palette+, a 3D printing device that enables multi-material printing in single-extruder FDM 3D printers. Palette+ is compatible with 1.75mm .gcode/.hvs/.g3drem/.x3g printers that allow non-proprietary filament. One of the biggest enhancements is its compatibility with more material combinations, including: PLA with a water-soluble, PLA with flexible TPU, and PETG with PETG. Palette+ features brand new splicing technology that, in addition to unlocking new materials, makes splices stronger and more reliable. This new technology leads to a much more robust system, and a better overall user experience. The system accepts multiple filaments, cut them into precise segments, and use heat to splice filaments together into multi-segment strands of filament (which are fed to your printer in real time). Palette+ features new splicing technology that we call closed splicing. In this paradigm, the heating element never makes direct contact with the filament. Instead, a hot element heats an enclosed chamber that houses the filament. This new method of splicing creates stronger, more reliable bonds by more evenly distributing heat across the conjoined surfaces of filaments in an entirely new way.


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