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Prima Power Laserdyne's OFC2 ABSOLUTE provides 2.5µm measurement resolution.

prima Power Laserdyne OFC2 Absolute laser measuring systemPrima Power Laserdyne’s OFC2 ABSOLUTE precision measurement for laser processing provides high (2.5µm) absolute measurement resolution. OFC2 ABSOLUTE is based on laser distance measurement technology and  provides a long working range (more than 100 mm or 4 inch) independent of processing lens focal length, and potential for new applications beyond part mapping.  OFC2 ABSOLUTE  was designed to map the surface of thermal barrier coated (TBC) sheet metal components and to maintain the laser beam focus at the precise location of a laser drilled hole. Importantly, it made laser processing of 3D non-metallics, composites and thermal barrier (ceramic) coated metals easy and as accurate as with uncoated metals. It measures a wide range of angled surfaces, currently from normal to 70° off normal (20° from the surface), depending on material surface finish.


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