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Optolink Rotary Encoders

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Motion Control Machine Building encoder Leine & Linde

Leine & Linde encoders offer long distance, noise-free position measurement.

15-Feb-Leine-Linde-Optolink-360Leine & Linde announced that its XHI 801and XHI 803 rotary encoders now offer Optolink to transmit encoder position data up to 1500 meters using fiber optics. Because data is transmitted over optical fiber, the signal is not affected by electromagnetic disturbances. Optolink is provided in addition to the standard encoder outputs. This allows the standard output to interface with a local control system, and the optical channel can then be used for long distance transmission to a remote facility or for Safety systems. To convert the optical signal back into a protocol accepted by the controller, the company provides an Optolink receiver, which converts the signal back into standard electrical encoder interfaces like HTL or RS-422.


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