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Overload Safety Couplings

By Design Engineering Staff   

Power Transmission coupling Zero-Max

Zero-Max Torq-Tender couplings provide torque limiting functions in a compact food-grade package.

Zero-Max announced Torq-Tender overload safety couplings that providing torque limiting and coupling functions in a single, compact unit. The line’s washdown models features a special seal, modified housing and a food grade lubricant.

When a power transmission system’s load exceeds the preset precision-tempered torque spring rating, the Torq-Tender’s drive mechanism pivots out of an engagement slot, disengaging the prime mover from the load, providing overload protection. When the overload is removed and the speed is reduced, the Torq-Tender resets itself automatically. The single position re-engagement point maintains equipment timing and positioning.

Available in torque ranges from 2 to 3000 in-lbs., Torq-Tenders provide tamper proof preset torque settings. As a coupling, the Torq-Tender can handle up to 1.5 degrees of angular misalignment and a maximum parallel misalignment of 0.005 to 0.015 inch.



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