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Plastic-steel Energy Chain

By DE Staff   

Automation Machine Building

igus hybrid YE.42 chain lighter than steel chains, longer unsupported lengths than plastic chains.

igus has developed the YE.4, a hybrid plastic-steel energy chain for vertical guidance of cables and hoses. The system’s supporting chain links are made of steel, whereas the pin/bore connection, the outer links and the crossbars are made of a tribologically optimized high-performance plastic. The hybrid chain is 50 percent lighter than steel chains and compared to a traditional plastic chain, allows for 50 percent more unsupported length. The chains’ modular design also don’t require screws or pins. Hybrid energy chains will be available with an inner height of 42 millimeters and a width of 50 to 400 millimeters with a bend radius of 100 millimeters. Other sizes are available upon request.


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