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Fluid Power pressure valve Schunk

SCHUNK's SDV-P-E valve is equipped with standard threaded connectors.

Schunk SDV-P-E pressure valveSCHUNK’s SDV-P-E pressure maintenance valve allows for both air channels to be equipped with integrated quick ventilation. For setting up the system again using pressure maintenance valves, the modules which are fixed in a defined end position can be manually activated by a ventilation button without having to remove the pressurized pneumatic hoses. The compact SDV-P-E is equipped with standard threaded connectors, and can be combined with pneumatic actuators from many different manufacturers. Already existing SDV-P pressure maintenance valves can be replaced 1:1 with the new SDV-P-E. The modules made of stainless steel, are available in three sizes for flow rates of 200 l/min up to 600 l/min. They ensure a maximum pressure drop of 0.1 bar per hour (at a defined reference volume and constant temperature), and cover a pressure range from 2 to 10 bar. The switching time is about 10 ms.


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