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Rotary Drive

Festo’s ERMO designed as a low-cost solution for rotating, aligning work pieces.

November 29, 2017   by Design Engineering staff

Festo introduced its ERMO rotary drive, a low-cost axis for rotating and aligning parts with a service life of more than five million cycles. As part of Festo’s Optimized Motion Series (OMS), the full ERMO package is comprised of the electromechanical actuator with permanently mounted motor and drive system and matching connecting cables. The ERMO actuator itself is comprised of an integrated electric rotary drive with stepper motor and a rotating plate bearing. It is designed for absorbing high lateral forces and torques. ERMO is available in four sizes. Closed loop operation with an encoder is available as an option. Festo also offers mounting interfaces to connect ERMO to other drives, like slides and gantries.

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