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Toshiba Machine THL SCARA robot line features lightweight construction and simplified maintenance.

Toshiba Machine introduced its THL Series, a line of low-cost and lightweight SCARA robots. Configured with a lightweight die cast aluminum arm, as well as less complex, easy-to-maintain gearboxes and motors, the robot model is 50 percent lighter than existing Toshiba Machine models, the company says.

THL Series includes the THL500, THL600 and THL700 with arm lengths of 500mm, 600mm and 700mm respectively. Each THL offers a payload of 10kg. Cycle times (with 2 kg load) are .45s for the THL500 and THL600, and .50s for the THL700. All THL Robots feature a working envelope of 4 axes, with a Z-axis rotation of 360º. Maximum speeds range from 6.3m/s to 7.9m/s overall.

Toshiba Machine’s TSL 3000 Controller, developed exclusively for the THL Series, includes USB compatibility and Field Bus as an option. Storage capacity totals are approximately 6400 point + 12800 steps. The programming language is SCOL (similar to BASIC).



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