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Solenoid Valve

Festo’s VUVG valve boosts performance and in smaller space.

May 29, 2012   by Design Engineering Staff

Festo introduced its VUVG solenoid valve with high flow rates and an pressure range of up to 10 bar. According to the company, a smaller size VUVG valve, compared to existing valves, can be used in 90 percent of applications. VUVG valves achieve up to 100 percent more flow for faster cycle times. The component integrates 2 x3/2 way valves in one valve housing, reducing installation space by half.

Festo’s patented cartridge principle enables a separated two-pressure operation and no overlapping between the air ducts. In addition, a variable electrical connection concept allows the electronics box to be replaced with one click. The valve housing remains the same, only the connection option is changed. The valve functions as 5/2, 5/3, 2×3/2 with flow rates (l/min) of 100, 220, 380, 750. In addition, multiple pressure zones can be set up in valve manifold.

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