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Wieland's TIME relay series offers multiple options for timing and control applications.

Wieland Electric has released its flare TIME relay series. Rated for supply voltages spanning 24–240VAC/DC, the Wieland’s flare TIME M Series DIN rail modules provide basic timing relay control functions spanning 0.1 seconds to 1,200 hours with ±1% full scale accuracy, and eight timer operating modes: ON delay, OFF delay, flicker ON start, flicker OFF start, single shot, single shot and OFF delay, fixed time ON delayed single shot, and ON/OFF delay. The TIME M Series modules also feature screw clamp connections and two output changeover contacts rated for 5A and 250VAC/24VDC, are 22.5mm wide and are rated for operating temperatures spanning -20°C to +55°C.

Similarly, the flare TIME HM Series is rated for supply voltages spanning 24–240VAC/DC, provides basic timing relay control functions spanning 0.05 seconds to 10 days with ±1% (±10ms) accuracy, and the same eight timer operating modes as the TIME M Series. TIME HM Series relays are 22.5mm wide, feature two output changeover contacts rated for 5A and 250VAC/24VDC, and an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +60°C. Additional features of the TIME HM Series relays include plug-in screw terminals, a remote potentiometer control option and additional functions including toggle and watchdog timers.

Rated for supply voltages spanning100–240VAC, the new flare TIME FM Series timing relays, which are designed for front panel mounting (1/16 DIN), feature a single changeover contact rated for 5A and 250VAC/30VDC, time relay control functions spanning 1 millisecond to 9,999 hours with ±0.01% (±50ms) accuracy, and 15 selectable operating modes for extreme flexibility: signal ON delay I and II, power ON delay I and II, repeat cycle I and II, signal OFF delay, interval, cumulative timer, ON/OFF-duty-adjustable flicker, stopwatch, flicker ON start I and II, and flicker OFF start I and II. Measuring 48mm wide, the new TIME FM relays are also sealed to IP66 standards, and feature screw clamp terminations and a four-digit, high-contrast, color-selectable LED display. Operating temperatures for the TIME FM series span -10°C to +55°C. All three flare TIME Series modules carry North American and CE approvals.



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