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Type 3700 Proportional Pressure Regulator

By Bellofram Precision Controls    

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The new Type 3700 Proportional Pressure Regulator from Bellofram Precision Controls is an efficient solution for unwavering precision and streamlined operations in diverse applications. The Type 3700 offers offer absolute control with 0.5% full-scale accuracy, versatility to conquer any challenge from tension control to fluid coating with one powerful tool, and streamlined performance that optimizes both space and efficiency with a compact and lightweight design.

The Type 3700 has an LED display for clear output pressure monitoring. With a high flow rate, it ensures seamless operation and maintains output pressure even during power loss. Fast response minimizes pressure fluctuation.

The IP65-class protection helps ensure durability in various environments. Its compact and lightweight design allows for effortless installation, suitable for both standalone and modular setups. Straight and right-angle cable options are available.

Bellofram Precision Controls provide expert design and manufacture of direct-acting, high-performance air pressure regulators that offer precision control, high accuracy, maximum stability, large flow, and exhaust capabilities.


You can find more information on the Type 3700 Proportional Pressure Regulator from Bellofram Precision Controls here.


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