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Moticont HVCM-051-038-019-01 motor features 2.25-inch stroke and <1 micron accuracy.

January 4, 2022   by DE staff

Moticont has introduced an open aperture linear motor featuring a 2.250 in. (57.2mm) stroke. The HVCM-051-038-019-01 DC Voice Coil Servo Motor has a continuous force rating of 4.2 lbs (18.8N) and a peak force of 13.4 lbs (59.5N) at a 10% duty cycle. Capable of high acceleration, deceleration, high speed, and zero cogging, this linear actuator has zero backlash when connected directly to a load. The motor has a body diameter of 2.000 in. (50.8 mm) and the housing is 3.500 in. (88.9 mm) long and is 5.14 in. (130.6 mm) long at mid-stroke. The 0.75 in. (19.1mm) open aperture and smooth motion are suited to focusing optics or laser beams, illumination and passage of cables and vacuum lines.

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