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Mike McLeod   

Additive Manufacturing

3D Systems’ MJP 300W offers higher resolution and faster printer modes.

3D Systems announced the addition of the MJP 300W to its portfolio of 3D printers for jewelry manufacturing. The wax printer features two new print modes, QHD and UHD. QHD mode enables more than 50% improved resolution in all axes (i.e., 2,000 dpi in X, 1,800 dpi in Y, 2,900 dpi in Z) and 9.5µm layer thickness. This delivers premium quality surface finish allowing designs to be produced with less finishing required, the company says. UHD mode offers double the print speed of the XHD mode on 3D Systems’ ProJet MJP 2500W Plus. In total, the printer offers four print modes (i.e., QHD, UHD, XHD, ZHD) to match the level of speed, geometric complexity and surface quality required.


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