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Tolomatic CSW and CSWX actuators integrate a hollow-core servo motor for faster resistant spot-weld cycles.

September 21, 2020   by DE Staff

Tolomatic introduced the lastest version of its Compact ServoWeld actuators, designed for automotive and sheet-metal welding applications, available in two patent-pending models. The Compact ServoWeld CSWX, for both steel and aluminum weld applications, features a roller nut that handles applications with C, X and pinch weld guns. The CSWX provides up to 18kN of pressing force (4,047 lbf) in a 90mm frame. Top-speed C-gun performance is 10.5kN of force (2,023 lbf) and 700 mm/sec (27.5 in/sec). Model CSW is designed for lower force (15.6kN [3500lbf]) and lower duty cycle applications (20 million+ welds) for C, X and pinch weld guns. Top speed C-gun performance is 7.9kN (1,641 lbf) and 700 mm/sec (27.5 in/sec).

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