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PyroGenesis to Spinoff Additive Manufacturing Business


Additive Manufacturing 3D printing PyroGenesis

The new company will produce metal and alloy powders for the 3D printing industry.

Montreal-based PyroGenesis Canada plans to spin-off 80 per cent of its Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) business into an independent publicly-traded company.

The company will be named at a later date but is referred to as “3DCo”. This new company will produce metal and alloy powders for the 3D Printing industry using PyroGenesis’ patented technology and  distribute powder production systems and equipment under an exclusive world-wide license with PyroGenesis.

According to Wohlers Report (2015), the global demand for 3D printers is expected to grow from 1,200 machines in 2014 to over 14,000 machines in 2020. As such, the demand for metal powders is estimated to increase exponentially to 8.6Mkg by 2020, generating $3.45B in worldwide revenues.

3DCo will provide high performance, high quality metal powders. The company has the technology to develop new and innovative powders enabling the industry to expand into new and exciting applications. The company boasts that small, spherical, uniform, titanium powders, such as those to be produced by 3DCo, will account for over 30 per cent of this metallic powder demand.


“Our plasma atomization system produces powders of the highest purity, while being extremely spherical, and having a very narrow particle size distribution, making it ideally suited for the powder requirements of the growing 3D printing industry,” said Mr. Pierre Carabin, Director of Engineering of PyroGenesis. “Building on our history of providing such powders to the biomedical industry (since before 2004), combined with our developed expertise and knowhow in metal powder production, our team of engineers have recently made significant improvements to our current technology, laying down the groundwork for future success.”


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