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Restoration Robotics installs first ARTAS system outside of U.S, partners with KUKA Robotics

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The physician-assisted robot helps dissect and assist in the harvesting of follicular units directly from the scalp for hair transplants.


Restoration Robotics, known for the ARTAS iX robotic hair restoration system, have installed the ARTAS system in Japan, the first one outside of the United States.

Installed at the Luce Clinic Ginza in Tokyo, Japan, the ARTAS system is a physician-assisted robot to help dissect and assist in the harvesting of follicular units directly from the scalp. The robotic system creates recipient implant sites using proprietary algorithms and simultaneously implants hair follicles into the designated sites.

“Based on my previous success with the ARTAS 9x system, on which I was able to significantly increase the number of viable grafts compared to manual procedures, I have been eager to utilize this new ARTAS iX system,” says Dr. Harunosuke Kato, medical director of Luce Clinic Ginza.


Dr. Kato went on to say that he believes the ARTAS iX system will make surgeries less time-consuming and more precise as it alleviates some of the more meticulous and variable aspects of the FUE surgery.”

The implant process is referred to as follicular unit extraction (FUE), a graft harvesting technique for hair restoration that offers the benefits of minimal postoperative pain and absence of linear scarring in the donor area.

The ARTAS robotic system uses a 3-Camera Stereoscopic Vision System with 44-micron resolution and 7-axis robot arm. Using 3D software prior to the surgery, physicians are able to customize the hairline design. A recent partnership with KUKA Robotics will see the company using KUKA’s LBR Med, a lightweight robotic arm that in February of 2017 met the regulatory requirements of IEC 60601-1 – series of technical standards developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Prior to the installation in Japan, Restoration Robotics received 510(k) certification from the U.S Food and Drug Administration – meaning the device has demonstrated that it’s safe and effective, and has been compared to one or more similar legally marketed devices.

“We were very excited to install the first ARTAS iX system outside the United States following early traction we’ve seen domestically since the system was unveiled this July,” says Ryan Rhodes, President and Chief Executive Officer of Restoration Robotics.


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