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Rethink Robotics IP snapped up by German HAHN Group

Devin Jones   

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The details of the deal haven’t been disclosed, but the acquisition seems to be focused on the Intera 5 and Sawyer.


The intellectual property of Rethink Robotics—the Boston based robotics company that shuttered its doors in October—has been snapped up by the German HAHN Group, which “will become the third pillar of the HAHN Group’s robotic division and complete its service portfolio.”

The acquisition includes all trademarks and patents including the Intera 5 software platform and the cobot Sawyer, which, alongside the Baxter, put Rethink on the map. The HAHN Group says it will further develop Rethink’s technology, “combining it with German engineering and know-how of industrial applications.” The group “intends to make the [Intera] software platform available to suitable partners through licensing or other arrangements.”

While the details of the deal haven’t been disclosed, the acquisition seems to be focused on the Intera 5 and Sawyer, with no real mention of continuing production of Baxter.


Founded in 2008 Rethink were pioneers in the field of collaborative robots. Baxter and Sawyer—with their animated faces and primitive communication with co-workers—were one of the first cobots equipped with easy programmability and the ability to perform highly repetitive rote tasks, such as parts assembly or packaging products for shipment

“The acquisition of Rethink Robotic’s technology marks an important milestone for the development of our portfolio of collaborative robotics solutions,” said Thomas Hähn, CEO of HAHN Group. “We are very pleased that we could convince the owners of Rethink Robotics to agree to the sale of its robotic technology around the cobot Sawyer as well as the Intera 5 software.”

The HAHN Group is made up of various companies that specialize in industrial automation and robotic systems. According to Hähn Rethink Robotics will form the aforementioned third pillar of the group’s robotic division alongside its integration business and rental business.

At the time of Oct 3, when Rethink closed down they were looking to sell to another firm, but the acquisition fell through at the last minute.


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