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Secure, networked processors offer motor, industrial control


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Freescale Semiconductor (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola Inc., has announced four ColdFire microprocessor lines ñ MCF547x, MCF548x, MCF523x and MCF527x.

The 32-bit microprocessors are designed to offer a higher level of connectivity, control and encrypted security.

The MCF523x line, based on the V2 ColdFire core like the MCF527x, is designed for embedded industrial control and motor control applications that require connectivity.

The MCF547x and MCF548x microprocessor lines ñ the first to feature the V4e ColdFire core ñ are capable of delivering up to 410 MIPS at 266 MHz. The MCF548x meets industrial temperature demands and is said to be the only dual-CAN (controller area network), dual-Ethernet processor available.

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