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Siemens, AWS partner to simplify use of AI in software development

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Automation giant to integrate Amazon Bedrock into its Mendix low-code development platform.

(Photo credit: Siemens)

At CES 2024, Siemens announced it will integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) Bedrock into its Mendix low-code platform – part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio. AWS Bedrock offers access to a number of foundation AI models (e.g. AI21 Labs, Amazon, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, and Stability AI) via a single API, along with security, privacy and responsible AI capabilities, the company says.

“By integrating Amazon Bedrock into our low-code platform, we are democratizing generative AI technology and empowering everyone to create the applications customers need to become more competitive, resilient and sustainable,” said Siemens CEO, Roland Busch during his CES keynote. “Making smarter applications without programming expertise accelerates innovation and helps companies to tackle skilled labor shortages.”

With Bedrock, Siemens says Mendex users won’t have to obtain access credentials or write specialized function code. Instead they will be able to integrate AI into their applications by selecting the most suitable generative AI model and integrating it “with a few clicks”. The resulting applications would then have the ability to find, summarize and analyze lengthy technical documents, translate content into different languages or recognizing images, the company says.

In other examples, Siemens says production engineers could use generative AI to suggest machine adjustments to improve yield, and get suggestions on equipment adjustments, maintenance or spare parts to maximize a factory’s productivity.



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