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A one component high performance silicone elastomer compound for bonding, sealing and coating has been developed by Master Bond Inc. The MasterSil 415 formulation has high transparency and is suitable for optical and display applications. It cures at ambient temperatures to a flexible, rubbery solid when exposed to atmospheric moisture. It is easy to apply and has a paste consistency. It can be applied on vertical surfaces without sagging or running.

March 12, 2007   Staff

The silicone elastomer has a set-up time of 8 to 12 min at 75°F. It is an electrical insulator and has a dielectric strength of 500 volts/mil (1/8 in. thick test specimen). It can be used over a temperature range from -185° to 400°F. It has a Shore A hardness of 30 and an elongation at 75°F of 400. Tensile strength is 325 psi.

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