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Watch: Kuka robot takes on ping-pong champion

Robotics giant stages table tennis showdown PR stunt to open new Shanghai production facility.

March 13, 2014   Mike McLeod

14-mar-Kuka-robotics-table-tennis-360To inaugurate its new production facility in Shanghai, China, KUKA Robotics pitted one its KR AGILUS robots against table tennis star Timo Boll. Rated 8th in the world, Boll is a former world champion of the sport. In the video, Boll ekes out a come from behind win against his automated opponent.

Filled with quick cuts, close-ups and Hollywood-style effects, its difficult to determine just how much of the match was real and how much staged for the PR stunt. Whatever the case, the robot is shown making enough quick returns and tricky shots to impress.



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