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Xradia introduces new UltraRXM microscope


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Xradia, Inc. – a designer and manufacturer of X-ray microscope for industrial and research applications – announced their new lab-based computed tomography (CT) system called the UltraXRM-L200.

As the newest addition to their family of UltraXRM X-ray microscopes, the L200 is “capable of delivering synchrotron-like 3D imaging at 50 nanometer resolution within a laboratory setting,” said Xradia. It uses “stat of the art X-ray optics” originally developed for synchrotron research facilities.

The UltraXRM-L200 microscope combines a high-flux laboratory X-ray source with X-ray optics into a standalone CT scanner. It covers a range of applications usages according to Xradia such as materials development, life science studies for soft tissue and bone, rock porosity studies for oil and gas drilling, and semiconductor failure analysis.

“Xradia’s ultra-high resolution imaging systems provide us with detailed 3D volumetric data of the internal structures without the need for cutting or sectioning at the region of interest,” said Dr. Ge Wang, professor and director of the biomedical imaging division at Virginia Tech University. “This extends the capability of any research laboratory as we are able to test results under a variety of conditions, including time-lapsed 4D imaging. The UltraXRM-L200 will help bridge the gap between existing high resolution imaging modalities such as SEM, TEM and AFM, to optical microscopy and traditional microCT imaging systems.”

Other features include:
– Non-destructive imaging that allows for repeated imaging of the same sample
– Image contrasting that allows for imaging of samples from rocks to soft tissue
– Two magnifications: 65 micro field of view at 150nm resolution and 15 micron field of view at 50 nm resolution


The UltraXRM-L200 is now available to order. Requirements and specifications can be discussed with Xradia.


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