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Motion Terminal
Festo Inc
The Festo Motion Terminal VTEM is the next big thing in automation – the advent of digital pneumatics. VTEM is a true cyber-physical concept. Its softwar...

					Static control image
Static Meters
Exair Corporation
Static electricity discharges can be annoying and frustrating in your home. In a factory, however, static shocks transform into potential threats to produc...

M M Plastic (Mfg) Co Inc
M M Plastics can custom manufacture bushings for ideal performance within your unique assembly. Perfect for assemblies that use large amounts of friction a...

Tumbling Abrasives
Vibra Finish Limited
We sell tumbling abrasives that can help you achieve the perfect surface finish for your small parts. Tumbling machines can do surface work much faster and...

Chain Conveyors
Continental Conveyor Ltd
We design, engineer and manufacture chain conveyors for many applications. We have numerous specialty production machines and experienced staff. Our chain ...

Wire Bending Machines
Rotem Industrial Products Inc
We provide wire bending machines for many applications. They offer versatility, strength, and precise bending for both 2D and 3D forms. We can supply CNC w...