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Canadian AM firm receives 150K government investment

Funding to help Groupe Graham International Inc. and Formi 3DP Inc. develop innovative solutions for government challenge.

March 25, 2019   by DE Staff

The government of Canada announced that Groupe Graham International Inc., based in Lachine, Quebec, and Formi 3DP Inc., based in London, Ontario, will each receive a $150,000 investment through Innovative Solutions Canada. The governent program invites Canadian small businesses to develop innovative solutions to address government challenges.

The companies have proposed a way to incorporate frequency-selective engineered surfaces in the research and development of new building materials, construction products and design tools for connected vehicles. The companies are proposing solutions to address issues of interference with Wi-Fi and radio frequencies.

The funding will support the companies’ research and development activities. If their concepts are selected to continue to the next stage, the companies could receive up to $1 million over two years to refine their prototype.

Twenty federal departments and agencies are looking for solutions to a range of challenges related to, for example, the environment, the military or remote communities.
Innovative Solutions Canada is a key component of the government’s Innovation and Skills Plan, a multi-year strategy to create well-paying middle-class jobs.


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