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Durethane foam products replace traditional materials


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DPN WEB EXCLUSIVE: Foam urethane products are available from Mearthane Products Corp. in a wide range of formulations. There are two basic product lines: Durethane M, a mechanically mixed, microcellular foam with a uniform, mostly open, cell structure; and Durethane F, a chemically blown, cellular foam with a closed cell structure.

Both materials are said to have an excellent compression set, a high
coefficient of friction, and unique self-cleaning properties. In
addition, Durethane M and F can be made conductive for ESD
(electrostatic dissipation) for use in high-speed applications. The
dissipation of static in business machine, postal, packaging, and
document handling operations is critical with contemporary digital
equipment. The urethane products can replace traditional rubber, solid
elastomers and silicone in these applications.


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