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Pushbutton switch with sunlight readable display


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DPN WEB EXCLUSIVE: Electro-Mech Components, Inc. has introduced a lighted pushbutton switch featuring dual and quad lamps or LEDs, to provide high intensity brightness and sunlight. The switch also is capable of providing multi-function activation, otherwise requiring up to four individual switches, thereby offering space-savings of up to 75%.

Featured in the same design format as the series 644-2100, units can
accommodate up to four T-1 (3 mm) sub midget flange based LEDs (model
SW44267). For greater display design opportunities, the units feature
interchangeable lenses with a clear or smoke grey top cover, black
opaque sides, and legend filters. Legends up to 0.125 in. high can be
provided, with black characters or hidden legend displays.
Multi-function units are capable of display configurations in split,
quadrant or full segments, and can be provided in both continuous
visible legends and hidden legends that become visible when switch
functions are activated.

Series SW44267 models are 0.75 in. square and
can be snapped in from the front of the panel, mounting into a standard
0.698 in. square hole. A back-up bracket affixes to the rear of the
panel, secured in by a threaded locking arm. Momentary styles require
only 1.6 in. behind panels, while Multi-Function units may require up
to 3 in., depending on internal circuitry. Interconnection to circuitry
or wiring is provided by standard solder lug terminals, which accepts
20 AWG wire (standard), or the unit can be provided with PCB pin
terminals or wire harness. The series SW44267 is rated at 30 Vdc (115
Vac), 2 A resistive, 0.5 A inductive. Other features include operating
pressure 16 oz (±4 oz) (Momentary) or 32 oz (±8 oz) (Alternate Action).
Switch life is rated at 100,000 minimum actuations. The unit is rated
to IP64.


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