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Hirebotics debuts for-hire BotX Welder

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Firm’s robotic welding system designed to addressing skilled welder shortage

Robotics firm Hirebotics unveiled its for-hire BotX Welder that lets manufacturers automate arc welding with no capital investment, handling even small batch runs not feasible for traditional automation, the company says.

Developed to utilize a Universal Robots UR10e cobot arm, the welder package includes cloud connector, welder, wire feeder, MIG welding gun, weld table and configurable user-input touch buttons. Customers provide wire, gas, and parts.

Teaching the BotX the required welds is performed via a smartphone app or tablet utilizing welding libraries. In addition, the systems cloud monitoring function allows manufacturers to pay solely for the hours the system actually welds.

According to the company, the BotX Welder was developed in response to an acute labor shortage in the welding sector combined with the struggles metal fabrication companies experience in producing quality parts quickly and in small runs


“We chose Universal Robots’ e-Series line for several reasons,” says Rob Goldiez, co-founder of Hirebotics. “With UR’s open architecture, we were able to control, not only wire feed speed and voltage, but torch angle as well, which ensures a quality weld every time. UR’s open platform also enabled us to develop a cloud-based software solution that allows us to ensure a customer is always running with the latest features at no charge.”

The BotX is currently available to early access customers but will officially launch at FABTECH in Chicago in November, 2019.


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