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Sterling Instruments has introduced the Safety Fused Open-Phase/Phase Sequence Indicator, Model PSI-8031FC. The model comes with three safety color-coded fused test lead/crocodile clip assemblies. The color-coded fused assemblies follow the standard practice to use red, white and blue leads/clips, making it easier to correctly connect the clips to the ac power lines.

Open phase tester: In the event that a phase is open, the indicator lamp for that particular phase, will not light, nor will the disc rotate.

Phase Sequence Indicator: For correct three-phase connection, the product uses a rotating disc. If connected correctly (L1, L2 and L3) when the push-button is pressed, the disc will rotate clock-wise. If incorrectly connected (example L2, L3 and L1), the disc will rotate counter-clock-wise, when the push-button is pressed.

Fusing in each of the three crocodile clips is rated at 600 V, ½ A with suitable fuse requirement markings on the side of the clips.

Specifications for the units are:
Operating Voltage: 110 to 600 V;
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dielectric Strength Test: 5,550 Vac for 1 min
Time Limit for ac Voltage above 500 Vac: 5 min
Dimensions: 106 x 75 x 40 mm (LWD)
Lead Length: 1.2 m approximately
Approximate Weight: 350 g


To ensure electrical safety, the housing is made of fire-retardant plastic.


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