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EPCOS has developed the LS41 and LS42 series of varistors with higher surge current capability. They are designed for surge voltage protection in industrial and consumer electronics. Both series have retained the dimensions of the existing series LS40 of 37.5 x 46 mm2 (W x H). The surge current capability of the LS41 was increased by 25%. It is now 50 kA at a pulse form of 8/20 µs.

May 4, 2007   Staff

These types are designed for rated voltages of 130 to 460 Vac. For the LS42, the capability was increased by as much as 62% to 65 kA. This series is designed for rated voltages between 250 and 460 Vac. Approval to UL 1449 and CSA 22.2 has been granted for both series.

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