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Streamlining Machine Design 2023
May 9, 2023 at 1:00pm EST

Product Demo

Festo’s Solid-State Cylinder Switch – SDBT-MSX

The first proximity switch with automatic switching point setting makes commissioning easier than ever before. With its detection range of 20 mm, it is easy and reliable to install, especially in applications where mounting is difficult. SDBT-MSX is ideal for all standard applications, especially in factory automation and the electronics industry/small parts handling.


  • Automatic switching point detection
  • Programmable switching output
  • Programmable switching window range

Precision adjustment? A thing of the past!

Simply install SDBT-MSX in the approximate end position, connect the cable to the controller and switch on the system. Done! Much easier, faster, and reliable than ever before. The automatic switching point detection learns the switching point during operation. And you don’t even need a power supply during installation!

Automatic set-up during operation

  1. .20 mm detection range marked on the SDBT-MSX.
  2. Roughly mount the switch so that the end stop of the piston is within the detection range.
  3. Connect SDBT-MSX with the input module (PLC)

More options
Alternatively, you can use the capacitive control button. The switching point is taught in manually, so you can define whether to use PNP, NPN or NO, NC, and the switching window can be set from 2 … 15 mm. With these options, the variety of sensor types you need to stock is much reduced

100% compatible
SDBT-MSX fits in all drives with a T-slot. It best matches drives from Festo such as, among others, DSBC, DFM, DSNU, ADN, DGST. That’s where its strengths are used to the full