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Festo Canada – a name synonymous with quality and innovation

For almost half a century, Festo Canada has been serving the automation needs of local industry with world-leading products and solutions. As part of the family-owned Festo Group, a global leader in pneumatic and electromechanical solutions founded in 1925, Festo Canada offers a portfolio of over 30,000 products. Festo is a brand synonymous with reliability and durability. Festo Canada backs its products with unrivalled engineering support – both live interaction from engineering staff based in Mississauga, ON and digitally in the form of online configurators and free software to assist customers in selecting precisely the right product for their applications. Festo has developed digital support tools for its handling systems and key components to make them fast and easy to design, install and commission, saving customers considerable time and expense in completing their projects, while assuring best results.

In addition, through Festo Didactic Learning Systems, the company leverages its knowledge and expertise to offer educators and employers hands-on technical training courses and skills development programs required to prepare people for the manufacturing workforce of today and tomorrow.

Peopleshooting Okt/Nov 2017, vom Kunde: Franziska Fried, Regine Alber, Anna Feinleb

Festo continues to be an innovator in all of its product lines, investing an amount equivalent to about 7% of its global sales in R&D annually. The company has long been known for innovation, particularly in pneumatics. Festo invented the valve terminal, a game-changer relied on across the industrial spectrum, and has continued to develop it for roles as disparate as micro-dosing in life sciences all the way up to heavyweight manifolds relied on by the automotive sector. In more recent times, Festo has built up a comprehensive catalogue of electromechanical handling systems and accessories, including gantries and other robotics suitable for assembly, testing and packaging applications in a wide range of industries. Today, there’s a Festo robotics solution for just about any application or budget – wherever productivity can be enhanced by automating the movement of tooling or payloads, or performing production tasks better or faster.



Now, Festo is launching a third major technology – controlled pneumatics, another Festo invention. It marries control of the pneumatic stroke by software apps with energy-saving piezo valve technology to deliver some of the key benefits of electric automation at a lower cost, but with less complexity than traditional pneumatics. It’s the future of pneumatics.

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