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Actuator Synchronization

Thomson’s Electrak HD linear actuators now offer synchronization capabilities for bulky load handling.

August 10, 2017   by Design Engineering staff

Thomson Industries, Inc. announced that its Electrak HD actuator series has added a synchronization option using up to four actuators simultaneously. Thomson achieves its synchronization by embedding all load-handling technology into a single electromechanical actuator, which is then wired in sequence with up to three other similarly equipped actuators. Designers install these wherever linear movement is needed without the need for external assemblies. Synchronization retains all Electrak HD mechanical capabilities, including the handling of bidirectional loads of up to 10kN (2250 lbf) with stroke lengths up to 1000mm (39in) and accuracy of 1% of stroke from 100-1000mm. Ball screw assemblies provide efficient current draw and support speed options up to 43.5mm/sec (1.7in/sec) (using the 1.7 kN [382 lbf] version).

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