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Brushless DC Motor

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Motion Control Machine Building DC motor Oriental Motor

Oriental Motors 120W, IP66-rated DC motor features Hypoid Right Angle JH Gear with Stainless Steel Shaft.

Oriental Motor has expanded its BMU Series to include a 120W (1/6 HP) brushless motor combined with a hollow shaft right angle hypoid JH type gear head and a stainless steel shaft. The hypoid gear achieves IP66 class protection through the use of a stainless steel shaft, oil ring, oil seal and new motor connector type. The BMU series brushless DC motor speed control system offers a maximum speed of up to 3,600 r/min (80 to 3,600 r/min) and a speed ratio of 1:45. This allows for a wider speed range, wider selection of gear ratios and torque ranges. In addition to the 120W brushless motor & driver, the company says it plans to release 200W (1/4 HP) and 400W (1/2 HP) motor models in the future.


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