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DC Servo Controllers

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Sprint Electric’s XLV line offers four quadrant DC drive in a miniature package.

15-Oct-Sprint-DC-Servo-360Sprint Electric released its latest range of DC servo controllers, the company’s XLV range of miniature DC motor speed controllers designed for use with permanent magnet brushed DC servo motors. Latest additions include the 400 XLV model for motors rated up to 4 Amps, the 800 XLV for 8 Amps, and the 1200 XLV for 12 Amps. Measuring 60mm x 120mm x 105mm deep for the 400 and 800 models (69mm wide for the 1200 model) the XLV is a genuine four quadrant drive that can motor and brake in both directions of rotation. The controllers are suitable for use on DC supplies up to 48V and can be used in either current (torque) or speed control modes. The reference signal for both current and speed control can be either bipolar (+/-10V) or unipolar (0 to 10V).


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