Hoist Drive Unit

ABM Drives’ GHX125 designed for Industrial Cranes.

0 August 17, 2018
by DE Staff

ABM Drives The new GHX125 Hoist Drive has completed all necessary durability tests, and are ready for production. Order GHX125 hoist units with 2-speeds or VFD motors for deliveries starting in December 2018. Output shaft and mounting remain unchanged, GHX 125 will be 100% interchangeable with the existing GH 12500. A wider variety of applications are possible due to the extended center distance. Drum sizes up to 325mm are standard. Classification of FEM 2m at all drum sizes at reeving 4:1, doubles their service life. Increased speeds up to 200Hz (motor) in no-load condition for VFD version, reduces cycle time. Enhanced switching behavior in two-speed version, reduces noise.

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