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Hoist Drive Unit

By DE Staff   

Motion Control Machine Building

ABM Drives’ GHX125 designed for Industrial Cranes.

ABM Drives The new GHX125 Hoist Drive has completed all necessary durability tests, and are ready for production. Order GHX125 hoist units with 2-speeds or VFD motors for deliveries starting in December 2018. Output shaft and mounting remain unchanged, GHX 125 will be 100% interchangeable with the existing GH 12500. A wider variety of applications are possible due to the extended center distance. Drum sizes up to 325mm are standard. Classification of FEM 2m at all drum sizes at reeving 4:1, doubles their service life. Increased speeds up to 200Hz (motor) in no-load condition for VFD version, reduces cycle time. Enhanced switching behavior in two-speed version, reduces noise.


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