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General encoder Heidenhain Corp

Miniature HEIDENHAIN LIF400 encoder designed for linear motors.

HEIDENHAIN announced its miniature incremental exposed linear encoders, the LIF400 Series, designed especially for linear motor applications. With travel up to 1 meter, the LIF400s maintain a scale accuracy grade of ±3 um and is designed for both coarse and fine measurement applications (4 microns down to 10 nanometers of resolution). The series’ grating, called SUPRADUR, offers a high tolerance to contamination such as oil, dust, and fingerprints due to the precisely measured layers of glass and reflective material that prevents contaminants from interfering with the light-based, non-contact scanning principle.

Other features include optical limit switches that allow the user to place limits anywhere directly on the scale. Additionally, the scale has a separate homing track with an integrated reference mark allowing the encoder to differentiate which side of the reference mark the scanning unit is located upon power up. Versions for vacuum applications are available with the encoder’s electronics able to be located either inside or outside the vacuum chamber. Finally, the scale and reader head reticle material can be made of ZERODUR, which helps improve accuracy by eliminating thermal growth.


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