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LVDT Signal Conditioner

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NewTek NTC-6000-DS Quick-Cal improves sensor performance over large temperature variations.

NewTek Sensor Solutions introduced its NTC-6000-DS Quick-Cal LVDT signal conditioner. By measuring the difference of the output over the sum (S1-S2)/(S1+S2), the conditioner compensates for changes in resistance in copper windings due to temperature fluctuations. Users can select between a ratiometric Diff/Sum measurement or differential (standard) measurement. Compatible with most AC-LVDT, the unit features self-diagnostics for sensor failures, disconnects or short circuits, as well as cybersecurity locks out and tamper detect. Digital protocols include Modbus, CAN Bus and RS-485. The NTC-6000-DS LVDT Signal Conditioner is compatible with standard and constant sum AC LVDTS and RVDTs. The signal conditioners are RoHS compliant and CE-certified.


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