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Antaira LMP-1600G and LMX-1600G feature high port count and gigabit bandwidth.

Antaira Technologies launched its LMP-1600G and LMX-1600G series of industrial-grade managed hubs. The LMX-1600G Series provides 16 one-gig ports in a small form factor. The LMP-1600G Series also provides 16 one-gig ports plus PoE power on all 16 ports. It also features a wide temperature rating and rugged enclosure design. Both the LMX-1600G and the LMP-1600G are managed devices. Besides all the normal tools a managed switch provides, like port monitoring, alerts, and troubleshooting tools, these switches also provide multicast suppression (IGMP). This feature is of key importance in both automation and surveillance applications, keeping the multicast traffic going only where it is required and not being broadcasted across the entire network.


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