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Pneumatic Clamps

By DE Staff   

Fluid Power Machine Building

JW Winco’s clamp series simplify handling and enable fully automated processes.

JW Winco unveiled its series GN 860 and GN 862 series of pneumatic toggle clamps that maintain clamping force even after loss of pressure at the cylinder. The clamps can be fitted with magnetic sensors to detect clamp position and employs a hand lever to combine manual closing with pneumatic opening. The GN 864 series and higher feature a fast setting action but slow clamping, making pneumatic end stop dampening unnecessary. The available types are available in four sizes with retaining forces of up to 13,300 newtons. The clamping arm on the company’s series GN 875 / GN 876 swing clamps first rotates by 90 degrees and then travels in a linear motion down onto the workpiece, , allowing it to be positioned and removed directly. The swivel clamps are available in block design with T-groove mounts for end stop sensors.


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