Panel Swing Arm System

B&R swing arm systems offer IP65-rated panels in multiple sizes and resolutions.

0 February 12, 2015
by Design Engineering staff

15-Feb-B-R-panel-swing-arm-360B&R Automation introduced a line of swing arm systems along with enclosed panels featuring IP65 protection. The multi-touch widescreen panels are available in sizes ranging from 18.5 to 24 inches with either HD ready or full HD resolution. A 21.5-inch model in portrait format is also available. Two system variants with analog resistive touch screens are also available in 4:3 format. The panels are connected using standard cables run through the swing arm shaft. The swing arm systems can be equipped with buttons, selector switches, key switches and an integrated E-stop button as needed. Thanks to an integrated RFID reader, individual access rights can be assigned to anyone from service engineers to system operators. Displays from the company’s automation panel series are available in nine different swing arm models and can be equipped with additional switching elements as needed.

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