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Motion Control Galil

Galil RIO-47300 features 48 digital and 16 analog I/O.

Galil Motion Control announced its RIO-47300, the latest product in the company’s RIO Pocket PLC Series. Digital inputs and outputs on the RIO-47300 are increased from 16 to 24 each for a total of 48 optically isolated digital I/O. The RIO allows 400 program lines, 254 variables, 1000 array elements, 6 PID control loops and 5 Ethernet handles. Other standard features include PID process control loops, timers, counters, web interface, email alerts, data- logging and the ability to read position and temperature sensors.

The RIO controller can be programmed using Galil’s two-letter language but software is also available for converting a Relay Ladder Logic program into RIO controller code. The RIO-47300 measures 10.8 x 4.7 inches with DIN tray and has screw terminals for prototyping. It receives power from an external supply of 18V – 36V DC.


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