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Fluid Power Machine Building Festo Fluid Power sensor

Festo SDAT-MHS transmitter series provides inexpensive alternative to positional transducers.

15-Jan-Festo-transmitter-360Festo Canada introduced its SDAT-MHS series, a line of programmable analog feedback position sensors designed to pair with any any of the company’s T-slot pneumatic drives. Each SDAT-MHS transmitter emits a path-proportional output signal: They are available with sensing ranges of 50, 80, 100, 125 and 160mm to match the most commonly used strokes of Festo cylinders. The component’s 4-20 mA analog output can be connected directly to analog inputs. An IO-Link operating mode provides an additional interface. The switching output can be programmed by means of a “teach” button on the transmitter while the IO-Link mode can be programmed using a simple graphical user interface. Programming options in both operating modes are: cylinder switch function, window comparator or hysteresis comparator. The IO-Link mode is a universal interface for setting up standard functions without having to program the analog output of a PLC.


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