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Brushless Motor and Driver Package

High-performance brushless DC motor and driver packages with electromagnetic brake and gearing options.

June 18, 2015   by Design Engineering staff

bxii-seriesOriental Motor USA announced its BXII Series Brushless Motor and Driver Package, featuring speed control up to 4,000 r/min with a speed regulation of +0.05%. The package is available from 30W to 400W, in round shaft, parallel shaft gearheads or the hollow shaft flat gearhead and electromagnetic brake options. The new driver features a digital setting set built-in speed control, positioning or torque limiting functions. The new driver can also work in conjunction with MEXE02 software or standard OPX-2A control module. The series comes standard with a 3m (9.8 ft) cable included. The parallel geared type produces up to 610 lb-in (70 N-m) of torque and the hollow shaft flat geared type products produces up to 970 lb-in (110 N-m) of torque. The motor and gears come pre-assembled.

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