Toothed Belt Axis

Festo’s ELGA-TB-G designed for simple positioning and handling applications where loads need to be fed externally

0 December 8, 2015
by Design Engineering staff

15-Dec-Festo-Axis-ELGA-360Festo introduced its ELGA-TB-G, an electric toothed belt axis with plain-bearing guide designed for applications involving simple positioning and handling tasks where loads need to be fed externally. According to the company, any application where work pieces are guided externally, the ELGA-TB-G is more cost-effective than employing an electric axis with recirculating ball bearing guide. The axis is compatible with all common stepper and servo motors, which can be mounted on any of four sides and its position changed at any time. The ELGA-TB-G delivers speeds of up to 5 m/s as well as acceleration of up to 50 m/s². The ELGA-TB-G comes in three sizes and offers a maximum working stroke of 8,500 mm.

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