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Vertical Lift Stage

By DE Staff   

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OES’ 600mm AT20-600 stage series features high loading and 5 micron repeatability.

Optimal Engineering Systems (OES) introduced its AT20-600 series of motorized vertical lift stages that features a vertical lift of 600mm. Constructed of black-anodized aluminum alloy and steel shafting, the 600mm by 600mm stage table line weighs 45kg and is 610mm high in its lowered position. It incorporates a center mounted, precision ground lead screw having a transmission ratio of 663 microns per motor revolution. The AT20-600-01 model, driven by a two-phase stepper motor, features a repeatability of 5 microns, positional accuracy of 20 microns and has a knob on the motor for manual adjustment. The AT20-600-02 and AT20-600-03 are driven by a brushless DC servo motor DC servo motor, respectively, and incorporate a quadrature incremental encoder. The AT20-600-04 is driven by a two-phase stepper motor with a quadrature incremental encoder.


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